Wildskies page 30 and other stuff…

The convention was great! I met some really wonderful people, made new friends, got some helpful advice, sold some books and saw some awesome costumes.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I have an editor friend who is looking to pick up some new clients–so if you’re a writer (or a graphic novelist, he has experience with comics too) and you’d like your book doctored by a professional, he’s got a fire-sale going on for his services right now. Seriously, it’s like half-price. I can vouch for his skills personally, since I’ve attended his workshops AND hired him myself. Here’s the link: Plot to Punctuation

And in case anyone remembers, I did a short story about a year or so ago called The Cave Painters (about the Lascaux cave paintings done by neolithic humans) …well… Today it was published in The Offbeat, a literary magazine affiliated with MSU, so that’s kinda cool. They accept unusual submissions, so if you’re in the mood, go support the publication and/or send in your stuff!

I’ve got a lot of big developments in the works at the moment. Negotiating some contracts, and hopefully I’ll be able to make announcements soon. Now more than ever, I am so thankful for the support of fans and community.
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