Soul in the Sword

Soul_in_the_SwordI have officially sold my first short story, The Soul in the Sword, (historical fiction) to American Writers Journal. It will be included in their March issue!

This is a profit-sharing magazine, so I’ll receive a percentage of every sale for the next two months. No pressure to buy, just my heartfelt appreciation for anyone who wants to pick up a copy.

Hard copies and digital copies (optimized for smart devices as well as computers) are available at under the “purchase” tab, or you can go straight here:

And for any of my writer friends, they are currently accepting submissions for future editions.

Witchfire signed original pencils for sale

Witchfire Halloween pencilsSo I thought I’d do some promotional art for Witchfire what with the Halloween season coming up, and since I’ve got shelves and shelves of stuff already taking up space, I’d love to be able to send this to a good home.
It’s $75 for the signed original (that covers shipping and handling, too) and any interested parties can send me an email.  🙂

New Colors: Boadicca pages 7 and 8

Had to clear some things off of my proverbial desk to make way for new projects. So here’s the final recolored pages of Boadicca. Very happy with how this revised version came out, but now it’s on to exciting new things… (re: Pern and Medusa)!

New Colors: Boadicca pg5

New colors and old colors again; my favorite part of this page was re-painting the background. I think I’m really starting to enjoy Manga Studio.

I’d had it in mind that I would do a couple of these short stories as a skill-builder/palate cleanser before getting to work on my next graphic novel project (already outlined and with a prologue laid out in pencils). The problem is that I keep coming up with these new ideas for more short stories I want to tackle first…In fact, it’s starting to look like I’ll be creating my own little anthology before I’m done.

We’ll see what happens, but so far I’m planning on at least 3 more shorts. It’s simply been too much fun experimenting with new storytelling methodologies. I might need an intervention, or I’ll never get serious again!     🙂

New Colors: Boadicca pg 1

Boadicca Header

Boadicca Header

Original Colors for Boadicca pg 1

Original Colors for Boadicca pg 1

New Colors for Boadicca pg 1

New Colors for Boadicca pg 1

I recently (sort of on a whim) decided to revisit this older project and try my hand at some new colors. It’s been six years since it was originally published in Orang-Utan comics’ Faster Than Light anthology, and I’ve learned a lot since then, obviously. My husband is also working on building a site to host my comics/short stories, so I thought it’d be fun to have a ‘new and improved’ version available.