DragonQuest: Death of the Queens pgs2 and 3

As promised, here’s the final version of the 2 page spread. I hope the text comes through large enough to be readable! If not, you can always check it out on my deviantart (where it is slightly better).

I’m sorry again that this has taken so long—and thanks to all the wonderful supporters who’ve liked and reblogged my Pern fanart so far. <3

My schedule doesn’t look like it will be thinning out in the near future, but I’m not going to let that stop me (just, maybe slow me down a bit.) More Pern to come!

DragonQuest: Death of the Queens pg 1

Woot! Page 1 is done. And for my next trick, I’m planning a 2 page spread (which, at least in preliminary pencil form, is promising to be fairly awesome.) A HUGE thank you to everyone who has liked this project so far, reblogged it, commented or sent me notes. You guys are great and I’m so glad you like the work.

Also, based on feedback I’ve received, I’m thinking the next scene I’ll tackle will be Jaxom’s impression of Ruth. So there’s that to look forward to.

And as always, this is a gift to the Pern community, so feel free to take it, reuse it, make changes, or do whatever you see fit.   🙂

Return to Pern…

Pern fans will recognize Sorka Hanrahan, the rider of the first Queen dragon, Faranth, as well as her bronze fire-lizard, Duke. (And a few other lizards for good measure!)

After receiving a sufficient number of emails, I’m returning to Pern. It wasn’t an easy decision, and I did quite a bit of research regarding fair-use laws and copyright, since I want to do this right and be as law-abiding as possible. I’ll be posting more later, but to sum it up: for time-related and aforementioned copyright reasons, I’ve decided to do a series of SHORT excerpts of my favorite scenes in Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books.

It should also be said that (as per my usual) I’m neck-deep in about a dozen different projects, so I can’t commit yet to a steady production schedule on Pern. Pencils are finished for the next page of Medusa, so hopefully colors will go quickly and I’ll have it posted soon. The final pages of Boadicca are nearly done, just need a few finishing touches…I’m definitely keeping busy this month!  🙂