Return to Pern…

Pern fans will recognize Sorka Hanrahan, the rider of the first Queen dragon, Faranth, as well as her bronze fire-lizard, Duke. (And a few other lizards for good measure!)

After receiving a sufficient number of emails, I’m returning to Pern. It wasn’t an easy decision, and I did quite a bit of research regarding fair-use laws and copyright, since I want to do this right and be as law-abiding as possible. I’ll be posting more later, but to sum it up: for time-related and aforementioned copyright reasons, I’ve decided to do a series of SHORT excerpts of my favorite scenes in Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books.

It should also be said that (as per my usual) I’m neck-deep in about a dozen different projects, so I can’t commit yet to a steady production schedule on Pern. Pencils are finished for the next page of Medusa, so hopefully colors will go quickly and I’ll have it posted soon. The final pages of Boadicca are nearly done, just need a few finishing touches…I’m definitely keeping busy this month!  🙂

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