Commission, Convention, updates and stuff…

Marlie_the_explorer-smallThis was a commission for a client done shortly before the holidays (I had so much fun with it I had to post it here) I don’t usually do gryphons–even though I suppose you could argue they’re not all that different from my flying cats. And I do always enjoy some good ol’ anime.

Lots of stuff coming up, too. I’ve got a table at Rustycon this weekend, so if you’re planning on being there, please come find me!


I’ve got bookmarks, button keychains, comics, graphic novels, signed prints and original pencil art–plus I always just like to chat.  😀

I’ve sold WildSkies page29_smalla couple of short stories to publishers lately as well, so I’ll be posting updates on that when things go live. And I’ve also registered for a table at Wen-con April 8th.

…AND there’s another page of Wildskies up, with new Patreon rewards for those interested in supporting the project!