Death of the Horror Anthology now on Kickstarter!

CaptureWatcher on the Bridge promoI’m participating in my first kickstarter campaign (as writer, artist and letterer) no idea what to expect but very excited!

Likes, shares and whatnot are very much appreciated!

This is the promo art from the story I’ll be contributing, “The Watcher on the Bridge”. The campaign will run for the month of October, and I’m really hoping we meet goal!


20170408_083004Just got home from a great trip to Wenatchee for Wen-Con, the first convention of its kind in the Wenatchee valley. It was a great experience, and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in my first panel (with the tremendously talented Herb Leonard). Huge thanks to everyone who came by and bought a copy of my books, or art prints. Also, thank you to my friend and mentor, Dan McConnell for taking the photo for me!  😉

The Cave Painters published in The Offbeat Literary Magazine

20170205_133758The Cave Painters was a short story I did a while ago after reading an article about recent scientific research that indicated up to 75% of the neolithic cave painters were women. I was overcome at the idea of my visual-storytelling-foremothers and what their life must have been like, so I did this 8 page comic about them. I tracked down actual cave paintings and carefully reproduced them, incorporating their story into mine. It was a lot of fun, and it just got published in MSU’s literary magazine, The Offbeat.20170205_134513
The print quality is gorgeous, even if I forgot to color-correct some of the files before sending them in…so the sequences that take place at night are once again super-dark. Sigh.

Wildskies page 30 and other stuff…

The convention was great! I met some really wonderful people, made new friends, got some helpful advice, sold some books and saw some awesome costumes.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I have an editor friend who is looking to pick up some new clients–so if you’re a writer (or a graphic novelist, he has experience with comics too) and you’d like your book doctored by a professional, he’s got a fire-sale going on for his services right now. Seriously, it’s like half-price. I can vouch for his skills personally, since I’ve attended his workshops AND hired him myself. Here’s the link: Plot to Punctuation

And in case anyone remembers, I did a short story about a year or so ago called The Cave Painters (about the Lascaux cave paintings done by neolithic humans) …well… Today it was published in The Offbeat, a literary magazine affiliated with MSU, so that’s kinda cool. They accept unusual submissions, so if you’re in the mood, go support the publication and/or send in your stuff!

I’ve got a lot of big developments in the works at the moment. Negotiating some contracts, and hopefully I’ll be able to make announcements soon. Now more than ever, I am so thankful for the support of fans and community.
Love Heart bubbles 

Wildskies pg30_small

The obligatory Patreon, where pledges can score exclusive content and even get a chance to appear as an “extra” in an upcoming chapter
Read the story so far on Tapastic

Commission, Convention, updates and stuff…

Marlie_the_explorer-smallThis was a commission for a client done shortly before the holidays (I had so much fun with it I had to post it here) I don’t usually do gryphons–even though I suppose you could argue they’re not all that different from my flying cats. And I do always enjoy some good ol’ anime.

Lots of stuff coming up, too. I’ve got a table at Rustycon this weekend, so if you’re planning on being there, please come find me!


I’ve got bookmarks, button keychains, comics, graphic novels, signed prints and original pencil art–plus I always just like to chat.  😀

I’ve sold WildSkies page29_smalla couple of short stories to publishers lately as well, so I’ll be posting updates on that when things go live. And I’ve also registered for a table at Wen-con April 8th.

…AND there’s another page of Wildskies up, with new Patreon rewards for those interested in supporting the project!