The Cave Painters pg 8

The final page! Such a fun project, but I’m excited to be starting something completely different now… for which I’ll be uploading a few character development sketches, etc., in the next couple days. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned just in the last few months of working on this, but my next project will be in *gasp* traditional media. I’m breakin’ out the ol’ ink set and brushes and going retro.   😉

The Cave Painters pgs 3 and 4

The Cave Painters pg 3

The Cave Painters pg 4

The Cave Painters pg 4


Pages 3 and 4 out of 8, so I’m officially halfway done, and this project has been so educational for me—so many “firsts”… First time digitally inking a page, first time doing an entirely digitally-painted background, hell, first time drawing a bison! There’s nothing like stretching your muscles and learning new things.   🙂