New Colors: Boadicca pages 7 and 8

Had to clear some things off of my proverbial desk to make way for new projects. So here’s the final recolored pages of Boadicca. Very happy with how this revised version came out, but now it’s on to exciting new things… (re: Pern and Medusa)!

Medusa’s Lament pg2

Finally done! I hope this isn’t too graphic. Imagine my discomfiture in working on this page at my family reunion last weekend…

In totally unrelated news, I’ve been getting a lot of fan letters encouraging me to do some more Pern stuff, and I have to admit I’m feeling pretty tempted. There’s a good chance I’ll be posting something along those lines fairly soon.   🙂

Medusa’s Lament pg1

Uuuuuuugh. This one took a crazy load of work, and I’m still not entirely happy with it. Guess that’s the way it goes sometimes. I wanted to do something that felt very “classical” and painterly, but I failed to anticipate how exhausting that would end up being. It’s only a 6 pg short, but I’m half-dreading starting the next page. Hopefully I’ll get better at this as I go and the process will streamline a bit.

New Colors: Boadicca pg5

New colors and old colors again; my favorite part of this page was re-painting the background. I think I’m really starting to enjoy Manga Studio.

I’d had it in mind that I would do a couple of these short stories as a skill-builder/palate cleanser before getting to work on my next graphic novel project (already outlined and with a prologue laid out in pencils). The problem is that I keep coming up with these new ideas for more short stories I want to tackle first…In fact, it’s starting to look like I’ll be creating my own little anthology before I’m done.

We’ll see what happens, but so far I’m planning on at least 3 more shorts. It’s simply been too much fun experimenting with new storytelling methodologies. I might need an intervention, or I’ll never get serious again!     🙂