Medusa’s Lament pg 4: Processes

Medusa, page 4. Now we’re getting somewhere! I had so much fun playing around with the effects on this. Only 2 pages left to go on this short story, and while I struggled at first to find my footing, now I’ll be almost sad to see it finished.

I’ve also found a few exciting projects by other creators that I’m looking forward to profiling/reviewing soon. There are some really talented folks out there on those interwebs!

DragonQuest: Death of the Queens pg 1

Woot! Page 1 is done. And for my next trick, I’m planning a 2 page spread (which, at least in preliminary pencil form, is promising to be fairly awesome.) A HUGE thank you to everyone who has liked this project so far, reblogged it, commented or sent me notes. You guys are great and I’m so glad you like the work.

Also, based on feedback I’ve received, I’m thinking the next scene I’ll tackle will be Jaxom’s impression of Ruth. So there’s that to look forward to.

And as always, this is a gift to the Pern community, so feel free to take it, reuse it, make changes, or do whatever you see fit.   🙂

Medusa’s Lament pg3

I know this has taken forever (things have been crazy lately and I’ve been experiencing one health crisis after another, with my 2 year old daughter’s birthday sandwiched in the middle of it all.) Long story short, I’m grateful for the patience. I can only hope this was worth the wait.

And for the Pern fans, I’ve been busily working away on some character designs (which I will probably start posting here soon) and I’ve just started pencils on my first page… So you have not been forgotten.