#Wallis Album art


I was asked to do album art for an old friend and indie musician, so if you’re into fun, boisterous pop (think Owl City) then give them a listen.   😀

Also, I’m working on a new page for Pern–the last one for the Impression short story, so everyone who has been waiting so patiently for a sight of baby Ruth need not wait *too* much longer!
And… there’s a new page up for Wildskies  —–> wildskies_promo_banner2-1

Wildskies page 21 posted

wildskies-page21_smallAnother Wednesday, another update! Read the comic here or on Tapastic! It’s a great reminder also that I’ve got to keep plugging away on the next chapter… Oh, and I had a wonderful weekend; the Snohomish River Run was excellent–one of the most scenic routes I’ve done so far. Lots of fall foliage, cows grazing in the fields, and pumpkin patches. 13764297

I’ve done half marathons before, but this was my first 10K. I was honestly surprised at how much quicker and easier it was. (Which stands to reason, being half the distance, but still!)

Snohomish River Run tomorrow…

20161008_154310Got my packet for tomorrow’s Snohomish River Run, and check that out–they customized my racing bib! How sweet is that?? I’m not doing the half marathon this time, so it’s a nice change of pace to be approaching a race with absolutely no trepidation about reaching the finish line. After all, I run 10Ks 3x a week for fun. This is pretty much my usual weekend workout, but with a swag-bag and a medal.

Hey, sometimes you just kinda want people to cheer for you when you exercise, right? And soup and donuts afterwards isn’t a hard sell, either.

I also attended the Indie Author’s Day event at the Issaquah library; interesting panel discussion and some great vendors. This is the first year, but I can already tell it will be growing quickly.

The best part was getting to meet Sabrina York, a NY Times Bestselling author who recently hosted several workshops at the PNWA conference I attended. She was marvelous!  😉

Wildskies page 20 posted


The next page is up, I’m in progress on Chapter 3 (okay, slower progress than I might have hoped for, but progress nonetheless!) and I am thrilled to say that Wildskies was reviewed by a fellow creator over on Tapastic and received extremely high praise! Thank you so much, Scotty n Ben! You can read the review here, or check out their fun-filled medieval romp webcomic, Pretzel 2 Meet U .

Wildskies Chapter 2

wildskies-page18_smallAfter months of work, I’ve finished Chapter 2 and I’m committing to a regular update schedule (Wednesdays) for the next few months… I feel like the story is really shaping up nicely and I can hardly wait to share it!
Wildskies is free to read on Tapastic, or though my site, here.

Thanks to everyone who has liked/commented/favorited/subscribed, etc., so far!