20170408_083004Just got home from a great trip to Wenatchee for Wen-Con, the first convention of its kind in the Wenatchee valley. It was a great experience, and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in my first panel (with the tremendously talented Herb Leonard). Huge thanks to everyone who came by and bought a copy of my books, or art prints. Also, thank you to my friend and mentor, Dan McConnell for taking the photo for me!  😉

The Cave Painters published in The Offbeat Literary Magazine

20170205_133758The Cave Painters was a short story I did a while ago after reading an article about recent scientific research that indicated up to 75% of the neolithic cave painters were women. I was overcome at the idea of my visual-storytelling-foremothers and what their life must have been like, so I did this 8 page comic about them. I tracked down actual cave paintings and carefully reproduced them, incorporating their story into mine. It was a lot of fun, and it just got published in MSU’s literary magazine, The Offbeat.20170205_134513
The print quality is gorgeous, even if I forgot to color-correct some of the files before sending them in…so the sequences that take place at night are once again super-dark. Sigh.

Wildskies page 30 and other stuff…

The convention was great! I met some really wonderful people, made new friends, got some helpful advice, sold some books and saw some awesome costumes.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I have an editor friend who is looking to pick up some new clients–so if you’re a writer (or a graphic novelist, he has experience with comics too) and you’d like your book doctored by a professional, he’s got a fire-sale going on for his services right now. Seriously, it’s like half-price. I can vouch for his skills personally, since I’ve attended his workshops AND hired him myself. Here’s the link: Plot to Punctuation

And in case anyone remembers, I did a short story about a year or so ago called The Cave Painters (about the Lascaux cave paintings done by neolithic humans) …well… Today it was published in The Offbeat, a literary magazine affiliated with MSU, so that’s kinda cool. They accept unusual submissions, so if you’re in the mood, go support the publication and/or send in your stuff!

I’ve got a lot of big developments in the works at the moment. Negotiating some contracts, and hopefully I’ll be able to make announcements soon. Now more than ever, I am so thankful for the support of fans and community.
Love Heart bubbles 

Wildskies pg30_small

The obligatory Patreon, where pledges can score exclusive content and even get a chance to appear as an “extra” in an upcoming chapter
Read the story so far on Tapastic

Commission, Convention, updates and stuff…

Marlie_the_explorer-smallThis was a commission for a client done shortly before the holidays (I had so much fun with it I had to post it here) I don’t usually do gryphons–even though I suppose you could argue they’re not all that different from my flying cats. And I do always enjoy some good ol’ anime.

Lots of stuff coming up, too. I’ve got a table at Rustycon this weekend, so if you’re planning on being there, please come find me!


I’ve got bookmarks, button keychains, comics, graphic novels, signed prints and original pencil art–plus I always just like to chat.  😀

I’ve sold WildSkies page29_smalla couple of short stories to publishers lately as well, so I’ll be posting updates on that when things go live. And I’ve also registered for a table at Wen-con April 8th.

…AND there’s another page of Wildskies up, with new Patreon rewards for those interested in supporting the project!

#Wallis Album art


I was asked to do album art for an old friend and indie musician, so if you’re into fun, boisterous pop (think Owl City) then give them a listen.   😀

Also, I’m working on a new page for Pern–the last one for the Impression short story, so everyone who has been waiting so patiently for a sight of baby Ruth need not wait *too* much longer!
And… there’s a new page up for Wildskies  —–> wildskies_promo_banner2-1