I was born and raised in a remote town in Alaska. I moved to Washington State to attend the Northwest College of Arts and received my BFA in three years, with a double major in Fine Art and Multimedia.

After graduating, I worked at Hidden City Games LLC., where my art was published internationally as part of the Clout Fantasy game series. Not long after, I had my first chance to work in graphic novels and started illustrating Manga for a small studio, DementedDragon, LLC.,  I also penned the occasional freelance job for other publishers, such as Orang-Utan comics and their Faster Than Light series. In February, 2015, my first graphic novel, Witchfire, was published by Markosia Ltd.

     Today I work for a t-shirt design studio in North Seattle, brainstorming and illustrating funny shirts to be sold online through our various stores and websites. It’s incredibly satisfying to see my work bring happiness and laughter to our customers all over the world.